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4 octobre 2015 7 04 /10 /octobre /2015 07:18

Châssis : AM/6002/RA

Moteur /engine : 400/4915/SVC

Année /year : produite/produced le 01/09/72, livrée/delivered le 02/02/1973

Boite automatique, modifiée en boite mécanique ZF 5 rapport dite "dogleg" (1ère vers l'arrière à gauche) /Automatic gearbox modified to manual gearbox ZF 5 speed "dogleg 

Carrosserie/Body : Cricket white d'origine, actuellement Rouge / Originaly Cricket white repainted in Red

Intérieur/Interior : cuir Conolly noir /Black

Conduite à droite (anglaise) /RHD

Option :manual door mirror


Vendue neuve par A&B Cars Ltd.
Vendue fin 2013 par Aston London / This car was sold by Aston London in 2013.


Cette AM Vantage a été rachetée par l'Aston Martin Heritage Trust. L'AMHT est dédié à la collecte des documents historiques de la marque. L'achat de ce modèle par l'AMHT montre, s'il le fallait encore, que l'AM Vantage est un modèle tout à fait digne d'intérêt dans l'histoire de la marque.

AM/6002/RA est l'auto qui a servi a réaliser la photo de presse de l'époque (photo présente dans l'article de présentation du site).

Elle est maintenant exposée au "Barn" à Drayton St Leonard dans le Oxfordshire au nord ouest de Londres, siège de l'AMOC et de l'AMHT.

Elle doit subir une remise à niveau chez Aston Martin Works Service à Newport Pagnell, l'auto ayant peu roulé ces dernières années.


This AM Vantage has been bought by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

AM/6002/RA was used in 1972 for the press photo.

It is now exposed in the Barn at Drayton St Leonard.

The car will be checked and restored at Newport Pagnell to be safe on road and for events.


Barn 2, 131213






Texte fourni par l'AMHT :

Recently acquired by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, this 1972 AM Vantage is one of only 70 manufactured between May 1972 and July 1973. and represents one of the first Company Developments Ltd. cars produced after they took the Newport Pagnell factory over from David Brown Corporation in early 1972. 

This is chassis No. 2 (AM/6002/RA), which has never appeared in the Club Registers. Originally registered as 1 UPD, the current registration number LNV 756L dates from approx. 1989. The provenance we have includes all the owners since new, some of whom are ex AML employees. It is believed that the car has only travelled 51,000 miles, borne out by the very original state and condition of its interior.

The original colour finish of this car was Cricket White, repainted to the current red colour in 1989. We know that Chassis No.1 was finished in Ascot Grey and Chassis no. 3 was Aztec Gold. Our acquisition is the Press car, whose photograph by Roger Stowers (but no other details) has appeared with the AM Vantage section in several editions of the Register of Cars from the 1970s and 1980s.


Retour au recensement / back to register 

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Robby 22/12/2015 10:40

Bonjour. Merci pour ces précisions. Lors de mon prochain passage à Londres, je me rendrai à l’Aston Martin Heritage Trust pour une petite visite.

SimpleMan 01/09/2011 08:24

Hi Lewis,

Thank you for your contribution to the inventory and for your information.
You can contact me via the contact link in the menu on the right side of the page to exchange our email adress.

Best regards

W. Lewis Heydenrijk 26/08/2011 16:59

Dear Sir,

The Blue Vantage in your listing is since may 2010 in my possession and resides in the Netherlands.

I am an AMOC member since 1981 and I enjoy the annual meetings.

The car carries Chassis number AM 6066 R, although the VIN plate on the RH inside fender shows AM 6066 RA; representing a real killer upon registration in Netherlands. The colour of the car is
"Sebring blue" , the engine was replaced in the late '80s and upgraded to 4.2 ltr. the automatic box was replaced by a 4 speed unit some time later because the original box was too weak for the
increased power of the engine.

The car is in a good overall condition and I enjoy driving the car very much. Service and repairs I prefer doing myself (I am a trained automotive engineer), but as age is creaping on to me, the
heavier jobs are now left to the specialists.

I bought this car as a replacement for my DB MK 111 which I sold in a moment of extreme weakness and I regret this since.

Kind regards,
Lewis Heydenrijk

Olsson 08/07/2010 21:43

All I could find on this car from the British car registry is the following:


Date of Liability 01 09 2010
Date of First Registration 08 10 1973
Year of Manufacture 1973
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 4200CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Export
Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour BLUE

At least we know that it was first registred in 1973. Maybe the AMOC register can help out with more information.

Thank you for a wonderful blog, I take a peek every week.

SimpleMan 16/07/2010 15:03

Thanks for your help Olsson. first registered in October 73, this car should be one of the last ones.

I hope I will soon have time to add pictures and film from Le Mans Classic 2010.